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What We're About - A Description

We're a group of four Cornell University students (check out the who we are page for more info on us) investigating the impact of new forms of advertising on society. Each and everyday, we are all bombarded (no hyperbole here!) by thousands of advertisements ranging from online ads, to TV commercials, to even ones that we want to watch. In this new media world where we can fast forward through TV, find loads of information at our fingertips, share our creative side with millions of people, and connect with people around the world in mere seconds, this topic is no small one. But as you can see, it's definitely an important one.

What We Want to Answer

That's a good question in itself. Our focus (and our Wiki) have changed over time. We are researching ways to find out how these mediums affect advertising (and us as consumers) and how that has changed. Our original goal was to determine the impact of new forms of advertising, and, as reflected in our resources page, we considered a multitude of topics. Ultimately, we settled on this thesis:

The rise of advertainment on the internet is fundamentally changing our culture's relationship to advertising. As advertising becomes harder to escape, consumers are embracing it on their own terms, which include shifting to creating advertisements and fan media, a more active process, as well as the increased power of consumers to dictate they would like to see.

Our main analysis starts from the argument pages, but also check out our proposal page to see how we've come about our analysis.

Why a Wiki?

Well first of all, as this is part of a project for a class, we were assigned to use a wiki. But the wiki is an interesting medium to experiment in. One of its strongest points is the literal sandbox that it seems to make where we can edit everything on this page, and then go back to any other versions of it that we've had before. As this project progresses, it'll be interesting to see how our arguments have developed and to see if we've really come up with some strong answers to our question. This is how we can update everything that we want to. Compared to a blog? Well, blogs have some chronology associated with them and while it's a great tool for communication, a wiki keeps it pretty organized and is a place made for people to contribute. People essentially communicate what they know or want to do through editing a page. A blog restricts this to almost a personal level, where a post is entered by a user and then another one. The wiki allows for evolution instead of response, and that is cool.

Additionally, we want this to be a great resource on advertainment and the organization of a wiki makes much more sense. We don't have to march through a timeline or require tags to be able to find a resource that we want. We can setup a good site-tree to help you guys navigate. Hopefully down the line, we can even open up this wiki for even more interaction with you guys so you all can edit it.

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