News Articles on New Advertising

  • Mentos Kiss Cam This tool is an interactive movie advertising mentos that lets you create the perfect kiss. A webcam is needed, which just goes to show that advertising is becoming a more interactive process.
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  • Gilette's Mission 5V1 Gilette has created a sort of online gaming experience, coined "5v1" in which the player must locate the object with that tag within the site. Also demonstrative of increased interactivity and entertainment value in new advertising.
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  • Skip an Ad? Not if You Picked It This article discusses T-Mobiles marketing campaign for which it "enlisted a creative team that it believed would best reach its young, peer-influenced customers — its users" (Barack). The incentive for participation is the fact that the best ad will be aired during the NBA playoffs.
  • NBC to join Firebrand This article is about NBC joining Firebrand, a company that creates especially entertaining ads.
  • Beware the viral movie campaign In this opinion piece, the author complaigns that she feels burned out by the viral marketing campaign surrounding Iron Man.
  • NBC and News Corporation have built, where viewers can stream top shows like Heroes for free. The site went live recently, and allows viewers to pick what ads they want to watch from a pool offered by a brand.
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