Publicity Plan

We have several ideas for promoting our wiki site on the impact of new advertising on society. Our publicity plan consists has two main purposes. First, we would like to make people aware of the site, its contents, and its goals. Second, we would like to foster a community of participation.


Our site would probably be of most interest and use to those in academia, specifically students and professors. Many of our possible methods of promoting awareness are specifically targeted to these groups. Initially, we would like to focus our attention on the Cornell campus.


We thought about asking LPE, a communication honor society, to send out the link to our site on their list serve. Secondly, as the topic of new media advertising may be of interest to communication students, we can ask Ms. Danielle Dean, the Communication Administrator, to send a mass email with our link to all these students. Thirdly, since new forms of advertising, especially Internet-based, would be of interest to Information Science majors, we can send out the link to our wiki through the Information Science Student Association (ISSA) list serve.


"If it’s not in Google, does your website really exist?" In order to further spread word about the wiki we plan on submitting the link to Google (submit link). We also plan on tapping into social networks by allowing wiki viewers to easily share the link with their social contacts. In addition, we are looking into creating our own new advertising to promote the wiki. This could possibly include a viral marketing campaign, in which we can channel users to help spread the wiki.


The wiki hosting site also includes forum hosting. Starting a forum on our wiki would foster interactivity and discussion on our site, and may even stimulate real-life conversation, further attracting people to our site. We feel that a forum would be vital when we start forming our stance and opinions on new advertising. The forum would be a way for other people to provide feedback. The forum would also become extremely helpful for user to user communication in the second goal of site participation when we look toward opening up the wiki.

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