Who We Are

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Eugene Chang

Eugene is Computer Science major in the school of Engineering. While he is also pursuing a minor in Information Science, Systems, and Technology (affectionately known as ISST), outside of his academic work, he enjoys spending time singing in his a cappella group, The Class Notes, and playing violin when he can.

Rebecca Morrow

Rebecca is a Communication major and an Applied Economics and Management minor who is graduating in December 2008. She plans to go to law school after she graduates from Cornell. She enjoys volunteering, playing the flute, and traveling. She also loves coffee!

Christina Reda

Christina is a junior at Cornell University double-majoring in Applied Economics & Management and Communications. She is extremely interested in broadcast media and its impact on millions of impressionable viewers. She is also an artist who enjoys swimming and movie-going.

Jonathan Yu

Jonathan is pursuing a BS in Information Science, Systems, and Technology in the College of Engineering at Cornell University.

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